At Air Waves Heating & Cooling, our mission is to become the top HVAC provider in the entire state of Florida. We know this is a lofty task, especially considering all the other great HVAC companies out there. But we believe that with hard work, determination, and the ability to create lasting relationships in the community, anything is possible.

I started out in the HVAC industry way back in 1998 as a helper. Back in those days, I wasn’t really thinking about taking over the HVAC industry in the entire state of Florida. I was still learning the ropes and getting familiar with the industry itself. In 2004, my wife and I moved to Jacksonville where I was hired as a technician by a local company. Eventually, I was promoted to operations manager and in 2012 I took the leap and branched out to start my own company, Air Waves Heating & Cooling.

It’s been quite a fascinating journey over the first 10 years of our existence, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond. To say that we have met thousands of wonderful people over our first decade in business would be a massive understatement. Being a go-to service provider to the local community means everything to us, and we look forward to continuing to grow these relationships in the future.

High-Quality Services

We’ve definitely come to be known for our customer service, but that’s not to say we don’t provide the highest quality technical services, as well. Our attention to detail and industry-leading expertise allows us to complete jobs that many other companies aren’t equipped to handle. Here’s a list of the services we provide:

Taking Service to a New Level

“Your Comfort is Always Our #1 Priority” is our slogan, and we take it very seriously. That’s the mindset we use every time we enter a new customer’s home. We want you to feel comfortable, and we take it upon ourselves to keep working until that’s possible. We are consistently training our employees to deliver what we call an EPIC service. This represents our core values and stands for Excellence, Profitability, Innovation, Compassion.

We also make a point of running background checks on all our employees and performing drug screenings so every customer can feel safe and secure when we are working in their home. We have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and all our employees are fully bonded and insured.

If you need reputable heating, cooling, or air quality services in Jacksonville, FL, or the surrounding areas, call us today.  



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