Our AC broke in our office and we were dying from the heat. Air Waves showed up quickly and got our unit up and running within an hour. On top of that, the technician was very nice and made sure he didn’t disturb the salesmen that were making sales calls. I would definitely recommend them!

Just wanted to let you know my wife and I have used you guys in the past , and its always been positive.
We had an AC issue today and I called to schedule an appointment. Your technician Aaron (apologies if I spelt that wrong) was early and very helpful. He talked us through what the problem was and was very informative and thorough, he went above and beyond what one expects from an ac repair call-out. We now have a good understanding of our aging systems problems and how to avoid them. I just wanted to let you know how helpful he was, and how much we appreciated his help…..People are always quick to complain about poor service, but I wanted to thank you for your great service.
I will be recommending you. And thanks Aaron for being so honest, (unusual in this day and age) and explaining things to us. When I purchase a new system it will be from you.

Thanks for a great job
Trevor and Colette Chance