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Property Management AC ServicesAs a property management company, you are dedicated to making sure the tenants of your properties are happy and satisfied. They do not want to hear excuses when their air conditioning or heating is not working — they want immediate results. Air Waves Heating & Cooling provides expert heating and cooling services to property management companies throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

We are a locally owned and operated company and staffed with highly trained technicians in the HVAC industry who can service, repair, maintain and install air conditioners, heat pumps and pool heaters. Whatever you need as property management service in the way of heating and cooling, we are there for you. We also offer special pricing for our property management companies to help keep cost down for the homeowners.

Maintenance Plans

We provide discounted yearly maintenance contracts for property management companies who wish to avoid emergency situations that come with costly fees. A maintenance contract ensures that your HVAC systems are being serviced by expert technicians on a regular basis and small issues are caught before they turn into big issues.

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Emergency Repair

When an HVAC system breaks down or begins to malfunction, your clients want immediate relief, especially in Florida where temperatures during the summer can easily reach over 100 degrees. Air Waves can respond to your HVAC emergency — whether it is for heating or cooling — in a quick, efficient manner. Our technicians drive company trucks stocked with replacement parts, so they do not have to leave a job site. The broken systems will be repaired quickly, and your clients will be happy.

We offer after hours and weekend emergency services to make sure your tenants stay comfortable throughout there rental period.

Sales and Installation

Unfortunately, after time salt and corrosion takes its toll on HVAC systems in Jacksonville and the system will need to be replaced. Air Waves offers the top of the line brands at special discounted prices for our property management companies. We understand that most of these homes are rentals and homeowners are not looking to spend outrageous prices for a new HVAC system in their rental home.

The decision to invest in a replacement air conditioning system can be a difficult one to make. Our expert comfort advisor will come in and analyze the home to ensure we match the system that will fit all the clients needs in efficiency and price.

The installation process will be handled in a professional and expert manner. We arrive on the scheduled day ready to work, and removal of the old units is a service we provide. No matter how many new units you need, our technicians are capable. All interior and exterior work will be completed and the work areas will be left clean and neat. Any leftover debris and packaging is placed in our trucks to be disposed later. When we are finished, your new units will be properly installed, and your clients will be happy.

Property service management can be a challenging business, and keeping everyone happy requires you to use contractors who are dependable, professional, and experts at what they do. Air Waves Heating & Cooling is the perfect answer for your HVAC needs — from service to repair and installation.

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