Property Management AC Maintenance Services

Property Management AC Maintenance JacksonvilleWhen choosing a company for property management HVAC services, it’s best to enter into a service agreement with the contractor, although not every heating and AC service contractor provides this. A residential rental service agreement guarantees your rental property two visits each year (usually one right before the heating season picks up and one in the spring).

At each visit, the technician will check the indoor and outdoor portion of your property’s HVAC system for any wear and tear. If there is a part that needs replacement, the technician will let you know so that you can schedule repairs. The HVAC unit will also receive a thorough cleaning and adjustment of parts that could struggle if they’re not in top shape. This can extend the life of your equipment, prevent repairs, and improve efficiency.

Maintenance Plans

We provide discounted yearly maintenance contracts for property management companies who wish to avoid emergency situations that come with costly fees. A maintenance contract ensures that your HVAC systems are being serviced by expert technicians on a regular basis and small issues are caught before they turn into big issues.

Worn out or damaged parts will be replaced, electrical connections will be tested and Freon levels will be checked to ensure the system is running at peak performance. All of the work that is completed is expertly documented and you receive a detailed report of the maintenance that has been performed. We are authorized dealers for numerous brand name HVAC systems, which means we are extremely familiar with how the systems are designed and how they are supposed to function.

With Air Waves Heating & Cooling you will get a 15% discount on all repairs, fast response times on service calls 24 hours a day, convenient scheduling, and professionals who treat your property’s HVAC equipment with the utmost care. We also keep up with the dates for you and will send you reminders when it is time for the property to be maintained. We understand how hectic your time can get and want to make it seamless for you.

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