Types of AC Filters

Types of AC Filters

HVAC Filters

Air Waves Heating & Cooling LLC wants to make sure we help our customers in every way possible. That includes making sure they are informed of the different types of AC filters out on the market. A person not changing their AC filter on a regular basis is the cause of many service calls. There are also many different types and sizes of AC filters, make sure you have the correct filter for your system.

Types of AC Filters

Mechanical Filters – This is the most common air conditioning filter used in homes. Mechanical AC filters use synthetic fibers to trap debris and dust to prevent them from circulating through the air in your home. Charcoal filters also use mechanical means to get rid of debris in the air. These filters are disposable and come in two different width sizes, 1 and 2 inches. They are also usually less expensive than the other types of filters but can be the least effective. You will need to change them often because the mesh and adhesive coating can be damaged by water condensation and cleaning of your air handler. We recommend changing these filters once a month.

Pleated Air Filters – When it comes to pleated air filters, the more pleats per square foot the better. Filters with more pleats will allow you to have better airflow through your home. Better air flow means the air will re-cycle through the system more often and result in cleaner air. A typical pleated filter will remove 30-40% of dust and allergens. We recommend changing these filters every 3 months.

Electrostatic Filters – An electrostatic AC filter uses filter media that has an electric charge that attracts contaminants. They can have a built-in electrostatic charge, or create an electrical charge from the air moving through the system. Electrostatic air conditioner filters can remove around 90% of particles and cost anywhere from $30 to $100. We recommend you replace these filters every three months.

Electronic Filters – You can also use an electronic air cleaner in your air conditioner. These types of filters are typically more expensive than the other filters. Although these air cleaners function much like electrostatic filters, they are more effective. They use a fan to trap up to 95% of particles in an electrostatic precipitator. These devices are usually recommended if you have allergies. You will only need to replace this type of filter every 6 months.

A Dirty filter can cause your Evaporator coil to freeze; this will further restrict the air flow through your system causing more strain on your blower motor. It will also increase the amount of time and energy needed to run the system and cool your home, which in turn can raise your energy bill. So, please make sure you keep a clean filter in your system at all times and change out the dirty filter at the recommend times.

For further questions on AC Filters and what type you should use for your AC system, please contact us.

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