How Old is Your AC System? Is Your Energy Bill Rising?

How Old is Your AC System? Is Your Energy Bill Rising?

When the thermostat starts reading 100 degrees outside, there is nothing more important than your home AC system. The warmer it gets, the harder your system has to work to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. The older the system, the harder it needs to work due to wear and salt erosion on the internal parts. Repairs become more and more expensive and parts get harder and harder to get. In many older machines, the refrigerant is outdated and will soon be extremely hard to get because of new EPA regulations. Below we address some of the many questions you need to factor when deciding to purchase a new AC system.

1. Is my current system keeping up in the heat of the day?

When systems age, they start struggling to counteract the immense heat outside. Major parts can get pinhole leaks causing your system to loose Freon. So even if you have your thermostat set at 75, the temperature in your home may never get below 80 degrees.

2. Are repairs starting to happen more frequently and cost more?

The first indicator of that your system may be on its last leg is costly repairs. When a major part goes out, like an evaporator or condenser coil, that repair could anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Half the price of a new system and you still have the worry of another part failing next. Ask your technician when they are servicing your unit, how the system looks. Does it look like there is rust on the parts? Does it seem to be running high pressures or high starting amps? They will be able to let you know the condition of your system and if you need to start thinking about replacement.

3. Have you noticed your electric bill starting to rise?

As your system struggles to keep up, it works harder and runs longer. The longer it runs, the more energy costs there are to you. The system may run all day, without shutting off, just to try and keep your home at the set temperature. Causing your electric bill to spike drastically. New systems are EPA regulated and can no longer be under a 14 SEER rating and with the higher SEER rating, 16+, you can receive rebates from your electric company.

Purchasing a new system is an important decision and there are many options. The needs of every home vary and there are some great products out there that can keep your home comfortable and not cost you a fortune. Finding the perfect match for your needs and budget is easy in today’s market.

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