Providing Jacksonville Residents Excellent Indoor Air Quality

A common cause of allergy flair ups, sinus problems or sickness’ is poor indoor air quality. Just by taking a few preventative measures you can improve your indoor air quality greatly. Air Waves Heating and Cooling can help you do this. We will come out to your home and do a quick inspection to ensure your air conditioning unit is working efficiently and not adding any airborne allergens or toxins to the air.

A few simple ways we can help you keep your air clean are:

  • Clean or Replace your filters once a month
  • Install a U/V light for your air handler to kill any mold or bacteria.
  • Keep your drip pan clean and free of clogs or debris
  • Keep moisture from forming inside or outside your duct work
  • Making sure your system is properly moving air.

Our experience technicians can expertly analyze your home or business and help you determine what needs to be done to improve your Indoor Air Quality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our Safety Seal Certified technicians.

Indoor Air Quality Products