Non-Programmable Thermostats in Jacksonville, FL

Even though programmable thermostats have become very popular, a non-programmable thermostat can still offer some benefits over programmable thermostats. When it comes to deciding which type is best for you, consider your options and determine which benefits you require. Weighing the benefits can help you determine if keeping a non-programmable thermostat is preferable to choosing a programmable one.

In some cases, older heating and cooling systems were originally installed with a non-programmable thermostat. Upgrading to programmable thermostats cost extra. If you aren’t going to be using the extra features that come with a programmable thermostat, the cost associated with installing one isn’t worth it for you. Therefore, you must evaluate if you will use the features and if so, how often. Contact Us today to speak with one of our Comfort Specialists and get their recommendation on going with a programmable verse non-programmable thermostat and the costs associated with installation.

Non Programmable Thermostat Models

Honeywell Pro 3000
Honeywell FocusPRO 5000
Carrier’s Edge non-Programmable