Programmable Thermostats in Jacksonville, FL

Programmable thermostats have become very popular due to their energy saving capabilities. They allow the homeowner to program their AC system to fit their daily schedule and control the temperature when they are home or away. This helps save on energy bills and get the most out of their AC system.

When using a programmable thermostat you can set up times for the system to adjust the temperature to use less energy if no one is in the home. This is a perfect feature for when you are out of the house all day for work or school. It doesn’t make any sense to heating or cooling your home when you are not there. Especially if adjusting the temperature a few degrees away from the ideal setting can save on energy consumption. According to the Department of Energy, a household could look to save $180 a year in energy costs with a programmable thermostat.

The programmable features also allows you to program in an entire weeks schedule and not have to worry about adjusting the thermostat. The thermostat also enables a person to set their particular heating or cooling schedule on repeat for weeks at a time and override the thermostat schedule if their personal schedule changes. If a person gets off work early on a Friday, they are able to override the preset setting and start heating or cooling the home to return it to their ideal temperature.

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Programmable Thermostat Models

Honeywell FocusPRO 6000
Honeywell VisionPRO 8000
Carrier’s Edge Programmable
Bryant Evolution Control