Save Money this year with an AC Maintenance Plan

Save Money this year with an AC Maintenance Plan

Spring time in Jacksonville is here and what does that mean? That means the hot summer months are fast approaching. There is really no better time to live in Jacksonville FL than the summertime. You can enjoy bike rides along the beach, splashing in the ocean, fishing with your friends and soaking up the warm summer sun. Unfortunately, along with all the wonderful sun and sand, comes a high level of salinity in the air and frequent thunderstorms and rain showers.

Every time it rains, dirt and debris get moved around and build up on your outdoor ac equipment? This can block air flow through the coil and cause damage to the unit. The high salt content in the air will slowly start to corrode the metal components of the system, which can end up causing major malfunctions and costly repairs. Keeping your Jacksonville Air Conditioning system clean and properly maintained can help extend the life of your system and reduce AC repair bills. Signing up for yearly AC Maintenance plan in Jacksonville is a important, inexpensive way to ensure your unit runs at maximum capacity all year long.

Along with extending the life of your Jacksonville AC system, keeping your system regularly maintained can also reduce your energy bill by up to 2%. The harder your system has to work to move the air in your home, the longer it has to run to cool everything down and the more energy that is wasted. There are also many issues that can be easily caught and repaired when you have a professional AC Company monitoring your system. They are more likely to find and repair issues such as electrical shorts, holes in your duct work and dirty coils before they cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy and large repairs.

To have a local Jacksonville Air Conditioning company come out and do a one-time cleaning on your unit, you can pay up to $250 or more. In comparison, most yearly AC Maintenance plans average about $130 to $160 per system, and includes 2 to 3 visits a year, saving you almost half of the cost of one cleaning. Depending on which plan you sign up for, this can include replacing filters, cleaning up debris on and around your unit, clearing drain lines and a full system tune-up. Most companies also offer their maintenance customers extra savings and discounts on any repairs that need to be done.

The best time to sign up for an AC Maintenance Agreement in Jacksonville is now, before the hot summer months roll in. This ensures everything is running properly when you need it the most. Contact your local Jacksonville Air Conditioning company and schedule a time to have a certified technician come out and evaluate your home. Enjoy your friends and family this summer without the worry of high utility bills and costly AC repair bills.

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