Top 5 Most Common HVAC Problems

Top 5 Most Common HVAC Problems

While most AC system are durable and last for years, there will always be issues that arise. We have listed below the top 5 most common HVAC problems and some tips on how to reduce these issues.

Dirty Filters

Air filters are extremely important to your HVAC system. They catch dust, pollen and debris that has been drawn through your system and keep it from circulating in the air, reducing allergens and prevent it from reaching major components causing damage. If your filter is not changed as recommended (1 month for standard filters and 3-6 months for the higher rated filters) it can cause the air flow on your system to become restricted. Your system then has to work twice as hard to move the air through your home. This can cause the system to freeze up and under perform, creating larger energy bills and possible damage to major components. We recommend marking a calendar or creating a schedule to make sure your filter is changed regularly. Also buy a box of filters instead of buying them 1 at a time. Not only will this save you money, it will also make sure you always have one on hand to change it out. Air Waves Heating & Cooling offers our customers the option of purchasing all of their filter needs through us. As a company we can get better pricing on filters and move that savings along to our customers. We also will deliver them to your door and install the first filter for you. Custom filters are no issue! Contact us today to find out more!

Tripped Breaker

One of the most common issues we run across on service calls is a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If your system has been working fine and then all of a sudden it stops working, it could be as simple as a tripped breaker. Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay a service charge for a technician to come out and simply reset the breaker. We recommend always checking your breaker first, a small surge in power could have caused it to trip. We also recommend getting to know your electrical panel a little. This will help you know which breakers control appliances (HVAC system, water heater, refrigerator, etc…) and which ones control lights and outlets.

Clogged Drain

The drain line on your HVAC system can get backed up due to dirt, pollen and other deposits from the water and air. When this happens, depending on your system one of two things can happen. Your drain pan will fill up with water and overflow into your home potentially causing water damage and mildew growth. If you system has a safety switch on it, then the water will start filling the drain pan and trip the switch, which turns everything on your system off immediately. Note* – If you notice that your thermostat is blank, this may be the issue. This is to keep the system from creating more condensation and overflowing into your home. By simply pouring a little bleach or vinegar into your drain line, you can help keep the lines clear and your system up and running.


Your thermostat is the main control panel for your system. If it is not working properly, neither will you system. Like any other component, these devices quit working and need to be replaced or a setting can accidentally get changed and the system no longer performs the way you like it. Always double check the settings on your thermostat to make sure it is set on Auto, Heat or AC, whichever setting works best for you.

Refrigerant Leaks

Small leaks can be created in your copper lines or coils by vibration caused when the system runs. When refrigerant leaks out, the system will stop cooling effectively and start to freeze up. A skilled technician is able to perform an electronic leak search on your system and provide you will solutions to repair the leak or replace the component.

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